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In celebration of the social revelation called Mastodon I've created this little baby Mastodon. Server maintainers, feel free to adopt him if you like. Maybe we could call him 'Mascotodon'. 😊

#mastodon #fediverse #CharacterDesign #cute #baby #elephant #mascot #3d #3dart #b3d

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Mastodon is really having a moment in mainstream news coverage. CNN, BBC, TIME, etc.

The influx of users will continue at an alarming rate. Remember to be welcoming, and kind, and positive, and helpful.

This isn't just an opportunity to improve the idea of social media, it's an opportunity to shine a wonderful light on #opensource.

@Blue Yep, the Dutch servers have this awesome throwback to a Dutch social media network from the pre-Facebook era: the dancing Hyves banana :dancing_banana:

It's pretty awesome that it's easy to copy these to your own instance as well as they are automatically found.

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About the underestimated power of comments

When you created your account, you chose a name and you chose an instance. The combination of both has become your address. You can think of your instance as your home town here, you could think of me as blue from

When you comment on a post, you are sending a message to the writer person. But if the writer is someone on another instance, someone in another town, you also bring a message to the entire town. Some places have been here for a long time, others are brand new, just a few days old. The old places are already well connected, there are busy roads between them. The new places still have only have a few hiking paths that connect them to the rest of the fediverse.

If you want to make the fediverse a better place, write some comments. Bonus points for replying to someone in a different place. More bonus points if you live in an old town and get a message to someone in a new town or vice versa. A badge, if you write to someone new in a new place.

If live in a busy old city, check some hashtags, maybe
#introduction or #newhere or anything you are interested in, find posts you like, check the dates to make sure they are new posts and leave friendly comments.

If you live in a quiet new town, reply to comments you received or check random profiles of people who found your town to see if they are from another place and comment on one of their posts. Follow people from other places to discover more of the fediverse that's still unknown to you.

Happy exploring!

@SuitedUpDev Vanuit waar wordt dit berekend eigenlijk? Alle federated servers met Iedereen op relays? Enig idee? 🧐

You know what's even cooler than getting posts by :fediverse:? My server just learned about emojis through federation! :mastodon: :ablobcatattentionreverse:

time! 🌟

Hi, I'm Christiaan! Somewhat of a native on the web, as a Software Architect, but somewhat new to socials. Looking for people interested in or something related here on Mastodon!

I will be posting about and as well, so if you are interested, feel free to follow 🤩

Some final facts:

- Studied and living in , 🇳🇱
- Archer and explorer of nature 🏹🚴🌲
- King of the tech home 👑

@secupriv @ro Misschien wat pratende lampen of polls over welke kleur licht? Ik zou m'n deursensor er maar niet aanhangen

Hi there Fediverse! Another self-hosted server joins the pack! 🧑‍💻✈️

ChrG Social

Self-hosted private server for @christiaan to join Mastodon!